Do you have a need to communicate more frequently and in new ways with your customers?

Have a great idea for that "perfect" mobile app but don't know how to get it done?

Are you looking to re-fresh the look and feel of an existing website, mobile app, or program?

Amoblix can provide you with high quality affordable solutions to enrich your customers' user experience, improve the efficiency of your applications, and increase the productivity of your users.  We are a full service application design and development company supporting many different platforms and specializing in mobile environments.

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Latest News

Use of Mobile Content Increases (2:01 PM, 04/06/2011)

Users are using more of the non-call features of their mobile devices.

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Smartphone Market Share by Platform (1:44 PM, 04/06/2011)

Results of US smartphone market share study covering the period December 2010 through February 2011.

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Feature lists != experience (2:11 PM, 03/17/2011)

 Those who would conflate lists of features with assessments of the worth of a product may be more concerned with your money than with your satisfaction.

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